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... test for echo ? My effort as a long-term german Rush fan to show my compassion about that singular canadian rock trio. Talking about Rush means not just talking about music
, it's about complex song structures on highest technical and instrumental level, poetic and deep philosophic lyrics, over 35 years musicianship as friends, being ambassadors of that great country of Canada
... but that's still not the point: once you are deeply touched by the music of these three exceptionally gifted artists it will probably become the soundtrack to your life (as described in N.P. book "travelling music). It's like a good friend that never leaves you, 
, it brings you up when you're down and still is no simple singalong kind of music, it offers you as well answers to questions of deep emotional and philosophic content 
AND it will still confront you with the ability to think over your positions, it's like a partnership that is here not just to please you but to stand the test of time and WORK on yourself not stand still ... 
"Changes aren´t permanent - but change is"
I'm looking forward to the echo of people, who see music as more than a background noise, mass media phenomenon
technical result of playing instruments ... people, who found their personal echo especially in the Rush universe.
TomSawYa, 2008 
translated 2013 (translation is tbc)